June Ski Factory Trip Planning

Sognefjell skiing – I don't know who this is, the picture came from Erik Nilsson

We’re in the final stages of planning our June trip to Norway and Austria. This process involves two ski companies, two national teams, a school calendar, three sets of grandparents, at least two siblings, and some as-yet-undetermined vehicles. So it’s taken a little while to get the details ironed out!

The major excitement for us is that Amy will be coming on this trip, which will make it a bit of a working family vacation. Amy’s been to Europe on ski trips plenty, but she hasn’t been to ski factories. Since she figures prominently in all aspects of the business, including selecting skis, it’s important that she get this experience. And as much fun as it is to share a bed with Patrick Moore in Europe, I’d rather share a bed with my wife!

The other major excitement is that the trip will start with several days of skiing at Sognefjell with Kris and Noah. A great chance to test product, get a good technique block with Noah, and add some recreation to the workload.

Kris and Noah have the opportunity to join the Norwegian National Team (by invitation, thanks to Trond Nystad) for an on-snow camp. This fits some of the major off-season objectives for both guys, including contact with other good skiers, and snow-time. For the final few days we’re counting on Madshus connections to hook Noah up with Thomas Alsgaard for some skating technique work. Thomas saw Noah skiing around in Davos the day after the 30K last December. Stian Grønås pointed Noah out to him, and said “he was 31st yesterday”. Thomas replied, “that’s impossible.” Anyway, we’re looking forward to that opportunity.

We’ll also be logging plenty of factory time on this trip. Which reminds me to remind you – now is the time to order skis for next year!

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