Sognefjell is Amazing

Amy and I left home Saturday morning, flew out of JFK in the afternoon, arrived in Oslo Sunday morning, took a train to Lillehammer, picked up a Madshus race service vehicle from Per Wiik, and drove to Sognefjell (about three hours) in time for afternoon training. If you think that sentence was long, just imagine the day/night/day combo involved! It rained for most of our drive from Lillehammer, so we were prepared for bad weather. But we broke out of the bad weather shortly before arriving, and have had phenomenal ski conditions for two sessions now.

Grossi, (Michael Grossegger, Fischer biathlon race service) gesticulating (as normal)

It’s been great meeting up with various industry friends – our timing here is perfect to be able to test some really interesting new products. This morning I skied on the new Alpina skate boot, which was great. This afternoon I’m going back out on some pretty raw looking prototype full-carbon Salomon boots that weigh practically nothing. We’ll also be testing skis up here – Hakan Nordback from Madshus will arrive this afternoon with some more stuff to test.

Frise – Patrice Frison-Roche, Salomon race service

They’re serving five meals a day here – Breakfast, Lunch, late lunch (before afternoon training) Dinner, and Supper. Pretty much nothing to do but ski, eat, and hang-out, and we’ve managed to book three and a half days of this! We’re definitely congratulating ourselves, as long as we keep stealing sunshine from the ever-present chance of rain. Time now for me to go wax up some skis for Noah and Kris (once a wax tech, always a wax tech) in preparation for the afternoon session.