Sorting out the Caldwells – Video

We know that many of you are confused about all the different Caldwells out there, where they all might have come from, and how they’re connected. We had a bunch of them in one place yesterday, and we got John Caldwell to make some introductions on video, in hopes that it would make everything much more clear. I fear that the attempt may have backfired. And since this is only part of the clan, you can imagine the chaos if we tried to do everybody at once.

It’s worth noting that the old folks in the video – Johnny and Hepper – are a lot of different things to the various different people who got together at Alexa’s house yesterday. A partial list of their relationships in that room includes:

AlexasCaldwellParty-071Husband and Wife (to each other)
Mother and Father (including in-law)Aunt and Uncle (and great aunt & uncle)
Justice of the peace (Hepper officiated Amy and my wedding)
Business partner (bonus visit from Bob Tucker)
And most importantly, Very Much Beloved.

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