Fluoro Free Product Review (with Amy)

We’ve been too busy in the shop for me to find time to write-up the articles I’ve got in mind for a brand-by-brand review of the fluoro-free products we’ve been testing. We’re continuing to learn about these products as we continue to test, and we’re receiving new products to test all the time. I’m not prepared to make an outright declaration of what the best fluoro free products are, and that’s likely to change the next time it snows anyway. But I did want to provide at least a snap-shot of where we are in our testing, and our thinking.

This weekend we’ll be attending some of the “biggest” fully fluoro-free race events on the calendar (for us) to-date this season. We’ll be at the Craftsbury Marathon (and Masters National Championships)  on Saturday, and the Vermont EHSC/J2 Qualifier on Sunday, and we’ll be doing our best to put good skis in the races. The forecast is kind, and the weekend looks like it will be OK for fluoro free.

Given the building market interest, and the specific demand around the coming weekend, we figured we’d float this video out, in lieu of more comprehensive write-ups, for the time being.