Fischer Review – Preview 2020

Fischer has made no changes to their product line for the coming season, as we roll into the scheduled second year of the Speedmax 3D model run. In recent years we have seen incremental improvements each season from Fischer, and while we don’t expect this year’s skis to be as big a step forward as we saw last year, we certainly won’t be surprised if they’re a little better. The race team and development group are constantly testing and refining the product, and even when the evolution doesn’t include something as visible as gliding sidewalls, the skis are constantly inching forward.

In this video we get into why Amy always chooses Fischer skis when it comes time to put on the race bib. It’s not that the Fischer skis are always the best – no brand gets to claim that. It’s that Fischer has earned her trust over years, and she knows that they’ll always be good. And more than that, she knows that she produces good races on them.

But enough from me – you should let Amy tell you about it. Check out the video.

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