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Ultimately, it comes down to you, your skis, and the course. But only shortly before that (so, penultimately) it comes down to you, your skis, and your waxes and tools. We have built our business on helping you get set-up in advance of race day. Fleet evaluation, management, and grind set-up are all critical components of success. But success on race day depends on getting your race-day work right. That means knowing your materials. Knowing your skis so you can choose the right pair is, of course, a big part of what we help you with. But in the end, most people blame their wax when things go wrong.

Our customers are mostly racers, and they depend on having access to us for advice on wax and wax application. We’ve always been available to help when and how we can. But this year we’re taking another step and offering some of our favorite wax and tools for sale. Ultimately, it’s still a matter of you, your skis, and the course. But penultimately, we can help smooth things out.


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Eric Pepper is one of our favorite guys to work with on race service. So we put him in here.