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  • Important Scheduling Notes

    It’s February, and the mad dash toward championship events is underway. Our schedule gets a little bit complicated from here on out. This post will tell you everything you need to know in order to keep sending us your business.

  • Craftsbury Marathon Prep

    The Craftsbury Marathon is tomorrow, and while Craftsbury got the same hellacious thaw and torrential rain as the rest of the East on Wednesday night and Thursday, they appear to have weathered it better than most. Now it’s time to figure out the wax for Kris Freeman who will be doing the marathon as his […]

  • Brush Kit Video

    It’s almost February, so we’re only about two months behind our self-imposed Dec 1 deadline for “launching” our ski service tools division. Well, better late than never. We’re floating things out now, and making up for our tardy entry to the market with this very slick infomercial on our brush program. We have these brushes […]

  • Kick Wax Observations

    Kick Waxing – Early season testing lessons. The snow we received right after Christmas here in the East gave us some good opportunity to work with some new drywaxes, and the subsequent thaw got us into the klisters. So we’ve got some observations to pass along.

  • Noah Hoffman’s Big News

    Video from yesterday afternoon’s press conference in Putney.

  • Peter Johansson Signature Scrapers!

    A couple of weeks ago Fasterskier ran a story on Peter Johansson, the head of service for the US Ski Team, and the regular waxer for Kikkan and Andy. I couldn’t help but chuckle because we had already ordered a whole bunch of custom-printed Red Creek scrapers with Peter’s signature on them. I’m not quite […]

  • Fine Metal Brush Review

    We’re very nearly ready to launch our tools program for the season – just waiting now for a shipment that is currently en-route from Sweden. In the meantime I’m providing a review of my favorite fine metal brushes. If you don’t have one of these brushes you probably need to review your brush selection. Fine […]

  • News from the tracks – Racing and Testing

    The snow season is off to a stuttering but optimistic start, and we’re getting some information back on waxes and grinds. Our first note comes from Justin Beckwith (GMVS coach) who was helping Corey Stock (CSU & Dartmouth) with wax at the Bozeman Super Tours where Corey was third in the classic sprint, and earned […]

  • Over the Hump

    By the end of the day we will have processed 1431 pairs of skis for grinding this season to-date, and we’re finally over the Thanksgiving “hump” that represents the peak of our pre-season business. Historically, by this date, we’re at least two-thirds of the way through our seasonal volume.

  • How much Hoff is too much Hoff?

    Apparently everybody loves Noah. We always get a positive response when we post stuff about him. Well, we’re pushing the boundaries here with two videos totaling 25 minutes and 51 seconds of the Hoff. Think you can take it?