We really care about our service tools because we work with them all the time. Good tools facilitate good work, and good work is usually much faster and easier than difficult work. When we leave our cozy little work shop and have to work on skis elsewhere, with bad tools, it becomes obvious why people struggle to do good work.

Waxing your skis should be the matter of a few minutes – not a commitment of hours. Doing good work, and doing it quickly, depends on knowing the purpose of the work. Why are you brushing the skis? What is the result supposed to be, and how do you know when you’re done? When you can answer those questions, fast and easy brushing is simply a question of the right brush!

We have assembled a collection of our favorite tools – the tools we use day in and day out. We are offering them here, individually, or in self-design packages with discounted pricing. But the specifics will have to wait until we have confirmation of availability on a few items. More information to follow soon! (9/25/12)