Who We Are

We are a family company, and we’ve set-up our shop attached to our home. It’s a good life, but there are only two of us working here, so sometimes we get really busy. Please excuse us if we’re slow to respond – we do want to work with you.

Amy is the athlete in the family. She was a two-time amateur World Champion in Triathlon, and an all-american cross country skier at Middlebury. She worked at Stratton Mountain School for 12 years where she coached one of the leading junior programs in the country with Sverre Caldwell. In 2007 she took a position as the head coach of the Callaghan Valley Training Center at the new Olympic venue in Whistler BC. In 2009 the Caldwell family moved to Boulder, Co, where Amy was the business manager for Boulder Nordic Sport for two seasons. In addition to taking her turns on the grinder, handling the shipping and receiving and binding mounting and post-grind work, Amy is in charge of the business end of Caldwell Sport.

Zach was the NENSA program director for six years prior to buying his first grinder in 2002 and starting a ski tuning business. When Amy took a coaching position in Canada, Zach brought his Tazzari machine along and set-up a grind testing program at the Olympic venue for the US Ski Team. When the family moved to Colorado, Zach took over as the technical/service director of Boulder Nordic Sport. He continues to do some coaching on the side, working with athletes such as Kris Freeman and Noah Hoffman.