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  • My Summer Vacation by Amy Caldwell

    Ski Factory Impressions This summer I was fortunate enough to visit several different ski factories in Europe with Zach. After our first year back in operation as Caldwell Sport, we felt that investing in my understanding of skis from the ground up was important for our business. We’re a small business, and it’s necessary for […]

  • Summer Wrap-Up

    Our summer season is bracketed by two ski picking trips to Europe. Tomorrow we fly to Geneva to kick off our second trip with a visit to Salomon headquarters in Annecy. This second trip has a pretty laid-back schedule with some free days in Annecy, and some time in Ramsau to enjoy life a bit. […]

  • Sognefjell is Amazing

    Amy and I left home Saturday morning, flew out of JFK in the afternoon, arrived in Oslo Sunday morning, took a train to Lillehammer, picked up a Madshus race service vehicle from Per Wiik, and drove to Sognefjell (about three hours) in time for afternoon training. If you think that sentence was long, just imagine […]

  • June Ski Factory Trip Planning

    We’re in the final stages of planning our June trip to Norway and Austria. This process involves two ski companies, two national teams, a school calendar, three sets of grandparents, at least two siblings, and some as-yet-undetermined vehicles. So it’s taken a little while to get the details ironed out! The major excitement for us […]

  • Alpina ESK Pro with Kris Freeman

    We’re trying out a new marketing strategy here. Why not get the athletes to describe the gear they’re using, and why they choose it, in their own words? Sometimes their words won’t mesh exactly with the marketing jargon from the manufacturers, but it might also include more of the kind of information that matters to […]

  • Evaluation Season

    Vacation season is over, and fleet evaluation season is beginning. Amy and I recently returned from several days in Colorado, visiting the Hoffman family in Aspen, with a quick trip to Vail to check out the SSCV operation (impressive).

  • Used / Demo Ski Deals

    We maintain a large fleet of demo skis and test skis, which we periodically sell. Now is the time! Some skis are hardly used, while others show signs of wear, and prices vary accordingly ($300 to $600).

  • New Best Birkie Story

    OK – I told you about the time I went and ground skis all night for two days before the Birkie. Did I ever tell you about the one where I got to wax two winners? Wow – that was fun! I’ve just returned from waxing skis for a handful of Salomon-supported athletes, including Tad […]

  • Birkie-bound, and Birkie Redux

    Tad Elliott at US Nationals in Rumford

    I have booked a ticket to fly out to the Midwest for the Birkie. I’ll be leaving Wednesday, and my primary purpose in making this trip is to support Tad Elliott. Tad is known to most folks in the ski world. He’s a USST B-team member and he scored his first World Cup points this […]

  • Mid-Winter Update 2 – General Impressions

    Bad-Winter Notes & Impressions This winter has been marked by some of the worst snow conditions in memory, nationwide. The industry always struggles in bad snow years, and we feel very fortunate to be dedicated to the relatively stable racing sector. Racers are die-hard – prepared to spend money on equipment, travel and racing; so […]