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  • Removing Fluorocarbons…

    Some wax/service questions seem to pop up with regularity. One of the regulars just showed up in my inbox courtesy of Jonathan Patz, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to address it publicly. “We have races off and on now, and I’ve heard it’s important to hot -scape (with soft hydrocarbon) after you race […]

  • Mid Winter Update 1 – Tour de Ski

    On the day after Christmas I flew to Europe to join the US Ski Team for the Tour de Ski. This was the second year I attended the Tour, and it provided another truly unique experience. What follows is a disorganized collection of impressions and notes. Most of my work at the Tour was ski […]

  • Long Weekend

    We’ll be out of the shop this weekend through Wednesday, February 1st. We’re going to the SIA show, and far as the tax people are concerned. I’m thinking it’s a little more of a family vacation. There is a long list of updates due here, including write-ups from both Tour de Ski and Nationals. But […]

  • Paddy Caldwell is Fast!

    Paddy had his best race of the season last year on the J1 Scando Cup. Today he showed his big-race pedigree again with a 5th place in the sprint at the Youth Olympics in Seefeld. Big congratulations to Paddy – we’re so proud (but not as proud as his dad)!

  • Warm Fuzzies

    Tad Elliott at US Nationals in Rumford

    News from Tad Elliott in Davos: “You can sell all my old skis”. Everyone has heard the adage “all ski companies make great skis”. While this may be true, it fails to tell a big part of the story. Quality is one factor, but an equally important factor is understanding. Most of the investment we […]

  • November Competition Report

    Every year we spend the Fall working on skis, and most of the time we’re working its t-shirt weather. At least 60% of our total grind volume gets done when there is no snow. This is good because it gives us a small chance of actually enjoying winter skiing when it comes. But it does […]

  • Almost Normal!

    Our grind tally for the season to date is somewhere above 1200, which was our business plan projection for the entire season. We’ve been working pretty hard here! Last Wednesday I stayed up until midnight finishing our final pre-Thanksgiving batch so that we could take Thanksgiving day off. We woke up to groomed trails at […]

  • New Materials!

    On Friday morning the shipment of new stones and assorted grinder materials finally cleared customs, and I sent Noah off to pick up a really cool John Deere crate (!?!?!). I did feel some remorse over sending an Aspen kid into the wilds of the industrial environs near Logan airport in Boston. But he made […]

  • A small coaching diversion

    Kris came to drop off some skis last week, and we grabbed the opportunity to work on some classic sprint speed. In particular, he wanted to address the running gear where he gets his butt kicked on steep uphills. We had a little bit of fun with the session.  

  • Hard at work (edit)

    We’ve got everything set-up and rolling in our new location. Minor technical difficulties with our web host are preventing me from posting photos for the moment, but we an link to youtube videos! Our work schedule is a little bit behind because we’re waiting for some new grind stones from Sweden. The materials we have […]