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  • Evaluation Season

    Vacation season is over, and fleet evaluation season is beginning. Amy and I recently returned from several days in Colorado, visiting the Hoffman family in Aspen, with a quick trip to Vail to check out the SSCV operation (impressive).

  • Used / Demo Ski Deals

    We maintain a large fleet of demo skis and test skis, which we periodically sell. Now is the time! Some skis are hardly used, while others show signs of wear, and prices vary accordingly ($300 to $600).

  • Fellcross

    Caldwell Sport department of off-topic product endorsements After the American Birkebeiner back in February the good folks at Salomon appeared to be experiencing particularly warm and fuzzy feelings – double victory tends to do that for you. Josh Korn asked for sizing info for me and Amy, and a few days later we got running […]

  • Beginning Classic Waxing

    Another first-rate video presentation from Caldwell Sport.

  • Mid-Winter Update 2 – General Impressions

    Bad-Winter Notes & Impressions This winter has been marked by some of the worst snow conditions in memory, nationwide. The industry always struggles in bad snow years, and we feel very fortunate to be dedicated to the relatively stable racing sector. Racers are die-hard – prepared to spend money on equipment, travel and racing; so […]

  • Beginner Waxing Instructional Video

    Normally we address advanced subjects in our instructional articles and multimedia presentations. Today we aim for something more geared toward beginners.

  • Reinventing Everything. Again.

    Because, really, why wouldn’t I come up with a new grand unification theory just when everybody has gotten accustomed to the old way of thinking? In order to keep things interesting, I’ve been developing a new color-based system to describe conditions, and categorize skis and grinds. As always, the goal is to make the system […]