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  • Price Increase!

    Effective immediately – our retail price for grinding is being raised to $100 per pair. Batch volume discounting applies to this new pricing basis, and all team pricing will go up as well. Details at the bottom of my explanation. The last time we adjusted our grind pricing my mobile phone was a Blackberry and […]

  • How We Pick Your Skis

    From the department of recycled marketing material… We’re getting ready for the second ski selection trip to Europe of 2022 – a welcome return to in-person selection in ski factories after two years of Covid travel restrictions. This means that it’s time to ramp up our efforts at marketing our services. To order skis, you […]

  • New Wax & Tools Info 2021-22

    A couple of weeks ago we sent out our annual preview of new products to team coaches. It’s pretty long, but it’s useful information, and I figure it’s worth sharing with the broader skiing public since plenty of you have good use for this information. We’re still waiting for our big Star pre-season order to […]

  • Waxing Paradigms

    I wrote this as an email to Sean Macy – one of the coaches for the Dublin XC program – in answer to a question about fluoro free top-coats. I’ve shared it at least a half dozen times since, instead of writing something similar from scratch. I figured I’d save everybody some time and just […]

  • Here’s What’s Happening

    Yesterday we saw the first snow of the season on the ground here in southern Vermont. The ski season is coming quickly now. With respect to racing opportunities there is still a lot we don’t know. But what we do know is worth sharing. I’ll share the highlights in the post. I’m writing up an […]

  • Fluoro Free Compliance

    We’ve gotten a lot of questions from coaches about how to make sure that existing equipment is compliant with new fluoro free regulations. I decided to shoot a video with Amy, and I wrote an awesome script to keep us on track, because in our first attempt at a video on this subject I got […]

  • Nerd Alert – Madshus Redline 3.0 Production Engineering

    With the introduction of Redline 3.0 Madshus has changed a handful of things about their flagship skis, including the material layup, the groove length, and some of the reference cambers. But the most notable change that has grown out of this 3.0 project is a major shift in the camber control system used in production […]

  • Madshus Redline 3.0 Introduction

    Madshus Redline 3.0 If it seems like it was just yesterday that we started talking about the new Madshus 2.0 models, it’s because it was only two years ago. And if it seems like we’ve written a ton about Madshus development projects in the past three or four years, it’s because we have. All of […]

  • Salomon Review – Preview 2020

    Salomon has been the brand with the most rapid growth in sales for us over the past couple of years. Some of this is thanks to the introduction of new ski designs, and some is likely thanks to some really well placed sponsorships and great graphic design. But the performance on the snow helps as […]

  • Fischer Review – Preview 2020

    Fischer has made no changes to their product line for the coming season, as we roll into the scheduled second year of the Speedmax 3D model run. In recent years we have seen incremental improvements each season from Fischer, and while we don’t expect this year’s skis to be as big a step forward as we […]

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