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  • Mid Summer Update

    Nobody pays much attention to the ski world in the Summer months, so we don’t spend  a lot of time updating things. But we’ve been quietly toiling away at Caldwell Sport set-up, and things are taking shape. Our original plan had been to rent a shop space early in the summer and, get cranking immediately […]

  • Madshus Visit

    I’ve just wrapped up a four-day visit to the Madshus factory in Biri, Norway. It was a multi-purpose trip, like all factory visits, and as usual the most important part of the visit is the opportunity to work with the people who design, build and support the skis. This is where we get an inside […]

  • Picklist Brand Distribution

    Distribution of new ski orders as of May 26 As we build the ski pick list for next season it’s interesting to see which skis people are ordering. Anytime I write-up a description of skis I try to maintain neutrality and focus on the strengths of a brand, while acknowledging limitations. I don’t want to […]

  • Moving Truck is Booked

    Amy has reserved a big truck to be picked-up Thursday the 26th of May. I’m nearly finished grinding the last batch of BNS skis. Anybody with nothing better to do than load a grinder into a truck in Boulder on Thursday the 26th – get in touch!

  • Ski Picking

    Order your new skis now! The process of learning about skis never ends, and next year’s ski picking begins with factory visits just a few weeks away, in June. Understanding skis depends on relating the sensations of skiing on snow with insight into materials and design. The skiing on snow part isn’t too hard – […]

  • Reinventing Everything. Again.

    Because, really, why wouldn’t I come up with a new grand unification theory just when everybody has gotten accustomed to the old way of thinking? In order to keep things interesting, I’ve been developing a new color-based system to describe conditions, and categorize skis and grinds. As always, the goal is to make the system […]