VIDEO: Fluoro Application & Star 180 degree Iron

Back in December I convinced Erik Johnson at Jenex to place a limited order for custom-built 180-degree Star digital irons. At the 2010 Olympics the Star guys rented my house in Squamish, and I lived there with them during the games. At the end of the games they had a handful of extra 110 volt irons, and I said I would take them in payment if they modified them to go up to 180 degrees. So, Davide and Ricardo sat down with a screw driver and a laptop at the kitchen table and set-about re-flashing the controller chips on those irons. That original batch of 180 degree irons is long gone, but the added capacity remains really useful for fluoro powder application. Before departing for the Tour de Ski I shot a little video demonstration of high-melt-point fluoro powder application.

To be clear; I did this so you folks out there would spend your hard-earned money on these irons that I convinced Erik to order. You can get them from us, or from Boulder Nordic, or directly from Jenex. If fluoro powder is in your waking repertoire you really need a good iron!