New Skis

We carry a selection of top-level race skis from Fischer, Madshus, and Salomon. We work closely with each company, and travel to select skis from a large race inventory. Every ski we sell has been selected for its balance of material and camber properties. We do a lot of this and we’re good at it.

To start the ordering process, fill out the PDF ski request form linked to the right. Or else use the google form linked here. Writing an order takes us some time, and when we’re busy, it can take a while for us to respond to everybody. But we do want to sell you skis, so be patient, and check in with if it seems to be taking too long. Thanks for understanding.

Below are our 2024 Review/Preview videos, which tend to be on the long side and still feel incomplete to us. Scroll past the videos for an outline of the timeline for ordering, selection, and fulfillment.

Ski Request Timeline
Here’s how it works:

1 – You submit a request using one of the forms linked above, or else by emailing me directly at

2 – I get back to you when I’m able to give it the attention required. This can take a loI get back to you when I’m able to give it the attention required. This can take a lot of time – sometimes weeks. If you are concerned that I have missed your request or forgotten about you, you should email me directly at Please believe, we do want your business, and I will be back in touch.
We confirm the details of your request and I add your skis to the pick-list that we work from in the factory. Once I have verified the necessary details on the pick list there will be an automated email sent to inform you that your request is on the list.

3 – Sometime during the summer, Amy will process the information from the ski pick list and produce sales estimates. This is not a demand for payment – it’s an order acknowledgment, and another opportunity for you to review the details and make sure we’ve got it right.

4 – We pick your skis. It could happen in May, or if we don’t have your order yet, or don’t like the skis we find for you in May, it could happen when we return in September. If we’ve got decisions to make or need your input, we may reach out from the factory with an email. Once your skis have been selected and I have checked the necessary box, you will receive an automated email informing you that your skis have been selected, and you will get additional specific information about the selected skis at that point.

5 – Your skis get pre-packed along with the rest of our picks, and shipped back to us. Skis picked in May usually arrive late Summer, and skis picked in September usually arrive late October or early November. We prepare new pre-picked skis as a priority during our busy season, and usually start shipping new skis late in October.

We typically sell 400 to 500 pairs of skis per season. Each of these represents an investment in time and communication, both from us and from our customers. We aren’t able to communicate as frequently with each customer as we’d like to, and there will be long periods of time when we’re out of touch between you placing the ski request, and us delivering the skis. But it’s all going to work out!