Back. Again.

1-001In spite of the fact that our website has been down more often than not in the past month, and the other fact that I’m more interested in riding the bike that my brother built me than I am in fixing websites, our loyal and intelligent customers have still figured out how to send us skis for fleet evaluation. They’ve even managed to figure out how to order skis, even though we haven’t yet told them what they’re ordering, or how much it’s going to cost.

Well! The website is back again (again), thanks to Brayton (again). And we will be posting write-ups on everything you need to know about what is coming for 2013-14 in the coming days. First up will be Fischer Speedmax, about which this teaser video will tell you almost nothing.

Then we’ll discuss Madshus REDline, about which Gunnar has already told you everything we know.

And finally we’ll talk about clear-base skis, which will be offered by Fischer, Madshus and Rossignol next year.

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