End of Summer Vacation

Hitting the road

Zach’s bad back means that everybody else gets to carry the bags. Seems fair.

We’ve been taking it pretty easy this spring – making lots of time for family and for playing; building bike trails, riding bikes, etc. It’s been pretty much like summer vacation, but now play time is over. Amy and I are all packed up to hit the road for Europe and a two and a half week ski picking trip. We’ll be returning on the 26th, with only two “vacation” days on the calendar between now and then! Gunnar will stay state-side with various grandparents, finishing up the school year and making sure that his summer vacation gets under way well.

In the past week we’ve been scrambling a bit to wrap up fleet evaluations and touch base with customers on their new ski needs before we hit the road for ski picking. If we haven’t been in touch with you, or if you haven’t been in touch with us, it’s never too late to touch base. We don’t have ski order deadlines, but when we know what you need before we select our inventory, it gives us the best shot at making you very happy.

We¬† haven’t pushed the marketing much this spring, but orders are really strong, and coming in daily. We’ll keep pounding you guys with frequent updates from Europe. If you have specific questions about what we’re seeing at the factories, send an email! For information on ordering skis, browse a mind-numbing amount of information here.

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