New Skis for 2020

Last week, before blasting out for one last summer hurrah hiking and biking in the White Mountains, Amy and I sat down to preview our ski selection system for this season. If you find my writing too dry to read, you can skip to the bottom and just watch the video for most of the salient information. If you find our banter on video inane, then you can read my incisive bullet points right here.

Covid makes everything complicated!
2663BDA4-F2A8-46D1-ADC8-29D419004BCD_1_201_aWe haven’t been able to travel to Europe this year. Normally we’d be over there right now, selecting skis, and living the good life. We might have just finished a weekend riding bikes in Davos. Or maybe we’d be planning to hit that next weekend. Who knows? Instead, we’re home, and having just about as much fun here. On Thursday last week Amy celebrated her birthday by hiking the Presidential traverse with a handful of friends. Amy needs epic days to feed her soul, and she says this one fit the bill. So don’t waste any tears on us. Davos will be there when we get back over to Europe.
Since we haven’t been able to travel to select skis, we’ve made other plans.

  • Our friends in the race departments from each brand are helping us with ski selection.
  • We’ve been able to communicate the important metrics and quality concerns that we’ve got with each brand and model, and our skis are (theoretically) being selected to meed those criteria.
  • We have ordered a bit light – around 70% or normal. This is because we sell to people who already have skis, and we anticipate a heavily modified racing schedule this year, which is likely to reorganize some people’s priorities away from new skis.
  • Our orders are currently upward of 80% of last year’s do date. So… we may end up short some skis if the fall ski ordering season is similar to what we’ve seen so far.
  • We will fill requests from our inventory in the order that the requests have been received. If you’ve already requested skis, then we have you covered. If you haven’t yet ordered, consider doing it soon so we can be sure to allocate your skis before everything is gone!
  • Here is a link to the ski request form.