Protect Our Winters Program is Live

logoAs promised, today and tomorrow – April 30th and May 1st – your orders will generate donations to Protect Our Winters. For each pair of skis ordered during these two days, we will donate $100 to POW. Why do we do this? We’ve discussed it at length in our previous post announcing the program – check it out here.

We’ve got a special modified POW Ski Request Form to collect a $100 deposit, which will be donated directly to Protect Our Winters. That $100 will be applied to the final invoice once your skis are selected and ready to ship in the fall. If you didn’t spot the inline link above, the URL is here:

We’ve been working on preview articles to discuss next year’s skis. We want to reiterate that these ski companies are active participants in this program, and they contribute half of your donation $$ through special discounts in our pricing to support this project. If you haven’t already checked those out, please have a look using these links!

Fischer: (I’m working on this one right now and will post the link ASAP. In short – there are no major changes to announce.)



Race Skin Skis (all companies):

This year we’re also introducing some smaller $50 contributions for smaller purchases of wax, tools, and poles. This is fairly experimental, but we’re doing it in order to broaden the reach of the program, and to involve three other outstanding brands with which we have outstanding relationships.

kvKV+ Poles has been an excellent partner for us over the past two years. Their innovative designs have forced other companies to raise their game. When you order a pair of KV+ Tornado Plus poles, we’ll donate $50 to POW on your behalf. Use this link:

rc_red_creek_racing_logoRed Creek has been our favorite company for tools – brushes, scrapers, and rillers – for many years. We’ve been close partners for the past few years, and it’s been a rewarding thing to work with a company that is focused singularly on quality. All of their products are produced in Sweden from the best materials they can source throughout the world. In the past two years we’ve been working more and more with roto tools, and in order to help people get on board with a better and faster way to brush skis, we’ve put together a comprehensive roto brush package. When you order this package, we’ll donate $50 to POW.

fullsizeoutput_3cStar Wax has been a longtime favorite of ours, and in the past two years we’ve been working very closely with Davide Mosele to test new products, and find creative ways to apply wax for optimal results. Davide is the son of Donna and Roberto who started Star over 30 years ago in Asiago, where they remain a family company. Davide is also a talented chemical and electrical engineer, who is always looking for the next answer. In the past two seasons much of the prototype wax that we’ve been testing utilizes processing technology that limits and possibly eliminates the presence of PFOA. We have all heard that the EU will legislate a “fluoro ban” sometime soon – it’s expected in 2020. These new products will be the answer to those new rules, and we’re excited with the performance we’ve seen in Davide’s work.
We have many requests for wax kits, and I’m working on a Star wax kit to address a the entire range of race conditions, based on our testing from the past several years. Buying this kit will generate a $50 donation to POW during this program.